• Intelligent collaboration

    Intelligent collaboration

    Discover your options for flexible IT platforms and networking.
    We ensure the optimal interaction of infrastructures and data.

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  • Goodbye Analog/ISDN

    Goodbye Analog/ISDN

    All Swisscom customers must switch to IP telephony.
    Request a quote from MOORnetworks now.

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  • The right offer for everyone - also for you !

    The right offer for everyone - also for you !

    No company is like any other and the needs are just as varied.
    We offer modular and proven IT services as well as individual solutions for maximum flexibility.

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  • Swiss values

    Swiss values

    Information is one of the most valuable products of our time.
    Our aim is to process and store data securely and reliably.

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General contractor for smart ICT solutions

We plan, deliver or install, operate and maintain network infrastructures and systems for your voice, data and multimedia communications. Seamless and uncomplicated - because it is easier to have one contact person for everything.

Regardless of whether you are a small or medium-sized company, whether operating on a regional or international scale - we offer solutions that are tailored to your level and enable you to work in a modern way. Professional and sustainable.



Updates from the IT market

  • Netflix hits 139 million subs, but fears YouTube and Fortnite

    18.01.2019 ¦ 01:17

    The streaming giant added 29 million subscribers in 2018, adding that HBO and Disney may only marginally impact its future.

  • LG G8 looks near identical to its predecessor, new leak suggests

    18.01.2019 ¦ 00:40

    Leaked renders have arrived purportedly showing off LG's next flagship phone, the LG G8.

  • Mastercard's new policy aims to prevent unwanted subscriptions

    18.01.2019 ¦ 00:24

    Although not as useful as initially thought, this policy will help curb accidental payments for subscriptions of physical goods.

  • Google paid $40 million for mystery Fossil smartwatch tech

    17.01.2019 ¦ 22:03

    Google acquired Fossil smartwatch tech and employees in a deal worth $40 million, though details are sparse.

  • 773 Millionen Datenverstösse

    7.01.2019 ¦ 07:00

    Im Januar 2019 wurde eine grosse Sammlung von Credential Stuffing Lists entdeckt (Kombinationen von E-Mail-Adressen und Passwörtern, die zur Entführung von Accounts für Dienste verwendet werden), die in einem beliebten Hacking-Forum verteilt werden. Die Daten enthielten fast 2,7 Milliarden Datensätze,[…]

  • Windows 10 Oktober-Update - was taugt es ?

    6.10.2018 ¦ 10:00

    Microsoft hat begonnen das neueste Windows-10 Funktionsupdate (unter dem Namen Oktober-Update Version 1809) über die Windows-Update-Funktion zu verteilen. Zwei Mal pro Jahr gibt es eine neue Version von Windows 10. Nach dem April Update steht nun das Herbstupdate an. Die[…]

  • Concerto Interview: ProSeller zu Besuch bei MOORnetworks

    14.09.2018 ¦ 14:00

    Daniel Rossi vom Concerto-Team war im Rahmen der Interview-Reihe „Channel Talk unplugged“ zu Besuch bei MOORnetworks in Bassersdorf. Die Interview-Reihe beleuchtet den Schweizer ICT-Fachhandel und berichtet über Markt Einschätzungen und Trends der Branche. Das ganze Interview finden Sie unter https://www.concertopro.ch/channel-talk-unplugged-moornetworks/ProSeller,[…]

  • Swisscom Internet: Upgrade Bandbreiten

    10.09.2018 ¦ 11:30

    Swisscom hat Änderungen an verschiedenen Internet-Abos für Heim- und Unternehmenskunden angekündigt. Bei den meisten Abos würden die Neuerungen ohne Preiserhöhungen automatisch aktiviert. Bei zwei Abos (InOne home Internet S und Vivo XS) seien allerdings ab Dezember 2018 höhere Abo-Preise wie[…]

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Project support
Comprehensive and personalised, for +20 years

  • Consulting & Strategic Support
  • Process optimisation
  • Coaching & Out-tasking
  • Contract Management


Operational outsourcing
Standardised operating services at a fixed price

  • Infrastructure services
  • Platform services
  • Software services
  • Support & Upkeep

Project-specific services made to measure

  • Soft- & Hardware procurement
  • Programming & Development
  • Installation & Rollouts
  • Support & Maintenance


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General contractor for smart ICT solutions

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