• AI as the basis for effective data handling.

    AI as the basis for effective data handling.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a constantly evolving area of new technologies, but it is basically based on easily understandable principles. It is about the cooperation between human and machine by combining different applications in the fields of natural language, image recognition, machine cognition or learning.

The introduction of artificial intelligence in the corporate context as well as in the immediate environment is part of our strategy. MOORnetworks has been seamlessly connecting infrastructures and online services for years to provide users with an intuitive experience. Text- or voice-driven, inspired by human communication and with personality, MEHRI (MOORnetworks Experimental Humanoid Robot Intelligence) has been enhancing our customer service since 2019, answering or mediating queries autonomously.

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Human-digital collaboration

Artificial intelligence "thinks" differently than humans and therefore not only enriches our procedures and processes, with aspects that have so far remained structurally hidden from humans, but also expands our understanding of problems. AI could thus also support people as a "virtual assistant" in their work or everyday life. The assumption of organisation, documentation, information and the function of a filter in a digital environment, which is increasingly inundated with information and automatically generated content and thus becomes absolutely intransparent for humans.

We are all challenged, to filter out of today's flood of data exactly the information, that really helps us in necessary decisions.

Just as the development of the steam engine reorganized and redefined work in the past, so will AI's re-sort and take over some activities - replacing the assembly line with mass processing of data, which will fundamentally restructure the way we work in the future.


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