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CH-8303 Bassersdorf
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Board of Directors:
T. Moor, R. Moor, P. Thöni

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Our business segments

Project support
Comprehensive and personalised, for +20 years

  • Consulting & Strategic Support
  • Process optimisation
  • Coaching & Out-tasking
  • Contract Management


Operational outsourcing
Standardised operating services at a fixed price

  • Infrastructure services
  • Platform services
  • Software services
  • Support & Upkeep

Project-specific services made to measure

  • Soft- & Hardware procurement
  • Programming & Development
  • Installation & Rollouts
  • Support & Maintenance


About MOORnetworks
Technology. Knowledge. Passion

  • Logistic Center
  • Operation Center
  • Integration Center
  • Support Center

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