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What you should know about Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds combine the advantages of local IT with the benefits of private and public clouds. This makes companies more flexible and efficient. At the same time, however, they are facing major

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PaaS - Plattform as a Service

Special Edition: This eBook uses the Oracle cloud as an example to explain the options available to users of PaaS services. You'll learn all about PaaS and how it can benefit you, explore the

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IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

Special Edition: This eBook uses the Oracle Cloud as an example to explain the options available to users of IaaS services. You'll learn all about IaaS and how you can benefit from it, get to

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Website security

Special Edition: Learn how to make your websites secure. This eBook serves as a guide to understanding the risks associated with unprotected Web sites, the value of using SSL Certificates,

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Website Security

Web applications have become the Achilles' heel of IT security. This eBook is about understanding how to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities in web applications. The goal is to prevent attackers

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