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E-Learning Quick Guide

What do you know about e-learning? Probably not much, why should you? But then came Corona. Especially in the area of knowledge transfer, the crisis has set things in motion that will change

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Downloadpdf0Download Language:  DEAuthor: D. WeberSize:  2.61 MB

AIOps – Artificial intelligence for IT operations

Special Edition: Artificial Intelligence for IT-Operations (AIOps) is the next generation of IT operations analysis. Modern IT technology environments have become too complex to be monitored and

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Downloadpdf1Download Language:  ENAuthor: S. Padhye, B. Nayak, E. Signore (Resolve)Size:  8.55 MB

Data Virtualization

With Big Data and the proliferation of numerous new information channels, companies must store, search, retrieve and evaluate huge amounts of data sources. This poses a variety of challenges for

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Downloadpdf2Download Language:  ENAuthor: L. Miller (Denodo)Size:  3.08 MB

B2B Managed Services

Special edition: this eBook offers an easy-to-understand introduction to B2B Managed Services. It explains what it's all about, why companies should choose it, what the benefits are and how to

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Downloadpdf3Download Language:  ENAuthor: M. Morley (OpenText)Size:  4.4 MB

Blockchain (Bitcoin technology)

Limited edition: provides an understanding of the basics of blockchain, how it works and how it can be used to improve processes in your company. 

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Downloadpdf4Download Language:  DEAuthor: M. Gupta (IBM)Size:  1.9 MB


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